How do I enable Rental Tools if I have 20+ units at my property?

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Our all-in-one suite of property management tools makes the rental process fast and easy. 

In this guide, we’ll cover:

For properties below 50 units:

All the tools you need to manage the rental process from start to finish has been enabled on your account and can be found under Rental Tools.

Tools like:

How do I collect applications and screen renters?

On, you can invite renters to apply to your rental or renters can apply directly through your listing. 

Learn more here on how to send an invitation.

If you’d like renters to be able to apply directly through your listing, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your listing on your Properties Page.
  2. Select “Upgrade” and choose the advertising package which works best for you.

3. Once you complete your order, allow at least one business day for your listing benefits to be enabled. 

4. When prompted about Applications & Screenings ,select “Yes”.

Tip: You may be prompted to enter Screening Criteria on the next page depending on your geographic location.

5. Click on “Save and Finish” and your available unit will have an Apply now button immediately where renters will be able to submit a re-usable application and share their reports for $29.00 + tax.

For properties with 50+ units

1. To enable Rental Tools on your account, you’ll first need to contact your Account representative to activate these features.

Tip: If you are unsure about who your sales representative is, we can help! Give us a call at 888-658-7368 ext. 2 and we'llprovide your representative's phone number and email. 

2. Once your Account representative has confirmed that your account has Rental Tools, log into your account and select “Enable Rental Tools” on any properties card.

3. Next, you’ll be directed to a new page where you can learn more about all the benefits of Rental Tools.

4. Click on “Enable Rental Tools” which will immediately activate this feature on your account.

5. If you want to collect rent and fees on Apartments, you need to set up a Payment Admin first. 

Learn more here on how Payment Admin works on


What does it mean to add unit information?

If you have multiple units at your property on, we require that you add details such as the rent amount, square footage, and availability, before you can receive online applications. This lets prospective applicants get a full picture of the rental they're applying to!

How do I view an application? Do I need to verify my identity?

As a recipient of an application and screening reports through, you're required to verify your identity with TransUnions to view the reports that are shared with you. It's important to keep an applicant's private data safe and protect them from fraud, which is why we require that property managers and owners verify their identity before they view an applicant's sensitive information.

Do my applicants/ prospects pay on to fill out their Application? Can I charge a fee?

On, you're not able to collect your own application fee– sorry about this. Instead, renters pay $29.00 + tax to apply and share their screening reports through

What all do I get with an application from

When someone applies to your listing, you'll be notified via email you'll be able to review their completed application and reports right from your account. 

See a sample application and screening reports in our Applications guide here.

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