How do I manage Maintenance requests on

Maintenance Requests allows your residents to report problems to you or you can create your own private issues in an easy-to-track way. 

Requests opened by a resident

When a resident opens a Maintenance Request, you’ll be notified by email and can view the full request in your account. To view all requests, click "Maintenance" from your left dashboard.

You'll be able to reply to that email and send your residents a message or they can view your response on their account.

Both you and the residents can send messages on open Maintenance Requests which allows you to ask and answer questions, or provide updates. Whenever someone sends a message, a notification email is sent to everyone else involved.

Once the issue has been resolved, you or your resident can close the request, and this will send one last notification email letting everyone know that it's finished. 

Private Maintenance Issues

With the maintenance feature, you can also create your own private issue. You'll be able to select which property you'd like to create an issue on and enter in a text box a description of the issue.

You can also add photos, videos or other files but are limited to 75MB per file.

Note: If you'd like to notify your resident about a private issue, select the checkbox next to where it says "Notify (their name)" and this will create a Maintenance issue that they can reply to.

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