How do I invite a renter to apply to my property?

Have a renter in mind who'd like to apply to your rental? If you have Rental Tools enabled, you can invite them to apply directly through All you'll need is their email address and full name. 

Once you're signed in to your account, you can send an invitation to apply to the renter from your Applications or Properties Dashboard: 

Applications Dashboard

From your Applications Dashboard, select Invite to Apply in the right-hand corner of the screen, as shown below.

Next, the Invite to Apply pop-up will appear, asking you to select a property. 

Once you select the property, you will be able to either copy the application invitation link and send it directly to the renter (and share it on your social media or website) or send the invitation by email, as shown below. 

Properties Dashboard

From your Properties Dashboard, click the three dots on the property the renter is interested in and select Invite to Apply from the drop-down menu. An Invite to Apply screen will appear on the listing selected, as shown below. 

Once you select Next, you'll see the Invite to Apply screen, as shown below, giving you the same options you'd receive if you went through the Applications Dashboard: copy the application invitation link and send it directly to the renter or send the invitation by email. We'll let you know when the renter submits their application. 

To see who you've invited to apply to any of your properties, head over to your Applications Dashboard and select Status: Invited from the drop-down menu next to the search bar.

Tip: If your property has multiple units, you can select which bedroom and unit you'd like them to apply to.

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