How do I collect applications and screening reports through

With Rental Tools, you can list your rental, collect applications and screening reports, create a lease and get it signed, and receive rent payments entirely online.

In this article, you'll learn how to receive applications and screening reports. 

To get started, add your property on and invite renters to apply.

How renters apply to your listing

With Rental Tools enabled, your listing will include an "Apply" button. Renters can apply right from your listing from their computer or mobile device. 

Renters pay $29.00 + tax to apply and run their TransUnion™ credit, criminal, and eviction reports. The application is reusable, so renters can share it with other participating rentals on and apply to up to 10 different listings within 30 days.

→ Learn more about how renters apply

How to invite renters to apply to your listing

If you'd like to invite a renter to apply, you can do so directly from your account. All you'll need is the applicant's email address and full name.

From your Applications Dashboard, select the property the renter is interested in and select Invite to Apply in the right-hand corner of the screen. Alternatively, you can also send an application invitation by selecting the desired unit on your Properties Dashboard and selecting Invite to Apply from the drop-down menu.

For more detailed instructions on how to directly send an invite to apply, we recommend checking out this helpful guide here.

What are the benefits of receiving applications through

When someone applies through your listing, you'll receive an online application and TransUnion™ credit, criminal, and eviction reports. Applicants verify their identities and pay for their own reports, so you don’t have to collect application fees. 

Online application: 

  • Include your renter's name and contact info, and preferred move in date.
  • Any co-applicants, minors, guarantors, or pets who will be living with the main applicant 
  • Residence history, employment & income details, and references.
  • Identification info, and any vehicle information.

→ See an example application

TransUnion™ credit, criminal, and eviction reports

When someone applies, you'll receive their reports right alongside their application. Reports are run as “soft inquiries,” so they won’t negatively affect applicants’ credit.

Credit report Criminal report Eviction report

Credit reports are provided through TransUnion. You'll receive a ResidentScore, which is a credit report built for tenant screening and is designed to provide a more accurate assessment of how likely an applicant is to perform as a renter.

→ See an example credit report

Criminal reports through TransUnion search in over 200 million records from both state and national databases including Most Wanted Databases and National Sex Offender Public Registry to make sure you have all the information you need before moving forward with an applicant. 

→ See an example criminal report

Eviction reports through TransUnion’s help you predict future behavior by knowing your tenant's past history. TransUnion has one of the largest evictions database with 25+ million eviction records, covering all 50 states plus Washington D.C.. 

→ See an example eviction report

Managing applicants

You'll get an email whenever you've received a new application. You can view applications from your dashboard and contact your applicants directly if you need additional information before making a decision.

Once you receive an application, you'll have a few options: 

  • View Application will show your applicant's contact info, useful if you need to schedule a showing or ask them a question.
  • Accept will send your renters a notification that their application was selected and they got the place.
  • Request Guarantor will lets applicants know they’ll need to add a guarantor to undersign the application and any lease agreements.
  • Decline will send them a notification and let them know. At that point, you’ll no longer have access to the application and screening reports.
  • Set Up Residents will take you to's lease builder, so you can create a lease agreement with the applicant. 
  • Archive will let you move the application from the main Applications dashboard view without changing its status.
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