Introducing Residents on

With the Resident Management on, you can easily manage your rentals and renters all in one place. Here, you can quickly access details such as contact information, lease dates, and monthly rent.

In this guide, we'll show you how to:

Set up a new renter

1. Besides your Residents tab, you can set up a new renter directly from your Properties or from an application.

(When on Properties, click on the three green dots and select Residents)

(On an application, click on Actions and select Set up Resident(s) from the drop down box)

->If you're setting up a new renter from Residents or your Properties, you'll need:

  • The renter's name and email address. A phone number is optional.
  • Lease term dates.

->If you're setting up a new renter from an application, their contact details will be pre-populated.

2. Enter you renter's lease term dates or select month to month.

3. When you click on Finish, you'll be directed to the main Residents page for your property. 

Create and share an online lease

To get started, select "Create a New Lease" on the property you've set up your resident on. Our online lease wizard will guide you step-by-step and you'll answer guided questions about your rental property and lease preferences. We'll transform it into a lease agreement, customized to your jurisdiction, which both you and your renter can conveniently e-sign.

Tip: You can exit out of the lease wizard process and return anytime but first, make sure to click on "Save for later".

If you have a signed lease or any additional documents you'd like to share with your renter or store on your account, select "Upload a document". We accept pdf, doc, or docx and the maximum file size is 10mb.

Collect online rent payments

If you've listed or added your property on, that rental amount will appear on the Residents page for your property.'s secure online rent payments ensure you get paid on time without the hassle of paper checks.

Once you have an online rent collection set up, you can quickly view the rent amount and the next payment due date on your Residents page:

Tip: Clicking on "View payments" will direct you to your Payments tab.

→ Learn more here on how payments work on

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