How to edit your community listing

(For multi-family customers)

After logging in to, select the Menu button in the upper left corner. Select Properties & Listings, and then select Properties. You should see a photo and address for your property on your dashboard. Select the three dots in the upper right corner of the photo (as depicted below) to access the Edit Listing screen. Alternatively, you can select the image or the community's name to edit the listing.

edit listing highlight

The edit listing screen is divided into eight individually labeled sections which comprise your ad. Click the header labels to expand, edit, or collapse each section.  


The section allows you to view the property's marketing address, map and the preferred primary area. The preferred primary area is a neighborhood or geographical sub-category which is displayed on the published listing adjacent to the property's address. The information in the location section is read-only. If a change needs to be made, please contact us at    


This section lists all the model/unit information including the number of beds, baths, the model name/unit number, square footage, rent ranges and availability information.

How to edit Apartment info


This section lists all general property-level information, including unique property descriptions for and, rent specials, and income restriction details.

How to edit Property info.

Fees & Policies

This is where you can manage fees and policies for your listing. Add custom and one-time fees to give prospective renters an idea about what they can expect to be charged when renting in your community.

How to edit fees and policies.


This section includes pet-related information, parking, and amenities. Amenities are shared across our network of brands but may be labeled differently on and

How to edit Amenities info.                                                            


This is where you can manage the photos and floor plan images that appear on your listing. Customers that have uniquely assigned photos between,, and will have 3 separate tabs for each of those albums.

How to add and edit Media.

Education, Transportation, and Points of Interest

This is where you can manage what schools, transportation options, and points of interest appear on your listing. Fully configure these sections to give prospective renters an idea about what the area around your community is like.

How to update local information.


This section allows you to review the lead destinations where your phone calls and emails are being routed. You can also see the contact form fields that prospective tenants are requested fill out to express interest in your community. The contact section is one of the most important sections to review to help ensure that the property's leads are being directed to the proper place.   If your lead contact information needs to be updated, please email a request to

How to set up Contact info

Office Hours

This section allows you to manage the property’s office hours.

How to update your Office Hours

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