How do I add, update, or hide models and units?

(For multi-family customers)

The apartment section contains the data grids which reflect the model/unit details. There is a separate grid for models and a separate grid for units. Models refer to a common floor plan style of type across multiple numbers of units. For example: The Avery model has hardwood floors, and the Windsor model has tile floors. Units refer to individual dwellings which are usually assigned a number and/or letter, such as #2B, 12C, Apt. 50A.   

The model grid below illustrates that you can review, add, and update details such as availability, bed/bath counts, square footage, and more. To update any information on the grid, select on the particular square and replace the contents. If a new model needs to be added, simply click the green + Add Model button.

What do the red alerts mean?

If there's an error on a given model/unit line, the row will be highlighted and a red triangle will appear. As the red sentence requests, hover over/select the red triangle on the far right side of the individual row to obtain the reason for the error message. In the sample screenshot below, the error message stated that bed and bath count for the highlighted row is missing. After the necessary information has been entered or corrected, the error indicators will disappear. Don't forget to save the changes!

My models have different amenity features. How do I specify the features by model type?

To the far right of each model's row, you will see the word 'edit' in blue. After you select Edit, you will see the "Bed/Bath Details" pop-up box as depicted below. Scroll down to the amenities section to indicate which amenities apply to the particular model. There are two tabs under the amenities heading: and Apartment Finder. 

I don't see a particular amenity on the list. How can I add it?

If you have amenities that are not represented in the checkbox list, or if you would like to use descriptive wording (i.e. spacious kitchen), scroll down the screen to the custom amenities section. This free-form section allows up to 40 characters per line (which includes spaces between words).

  • Custom fields are included in the keyword searches by renters.
  • Unit and model amenities will be displayed on the listing.
  • Not sure if you entered an amenity twice? Our system will catch and prevent any duplicates.

How do I add specific unit numbers to my listing?

As illustrated below, select the units tab to view and/or edit unit availability. A unit may be added by selecting the green + Add Unit button. Be sure to include the date that the specific unit will be available.

As with the models tab, you can add and edit individual unit information on the unit details screen. Use the units screen to enter individual unit numbers, the availability date of the particular unit, etc.  After you have added or updated any information, be sure to click the save changes button in the lower right corner of the screen.

If there is a green oval in the active column, it means that the specified unit will display on the listing.

My unit has been rented. How do I delete the unit number from my listing?

There is no delete button on the units screen; therefore, if a unit number is no longer available, please click the associated green oval to hide the unit from the listing. When you click onto a green oval, the oval will turn to grey, meaning that the unit is no longer active. After the site updates, the unit will then fall off of the listing. Units with grey ovals are stored as hidden units. If the unit becomes available again, you can then select the show hidden units checkbox in the upper right to find and reactivate the particular unit by clicking its grey oval in the active column. To see that the unit number has been reactivated, uncheck the show hidden units box.

How do I edit unit level details?

Selecting the blue Edit link at the end of each row will open a pop-up window as shown below. This window will allow you to provide more specific details about a particular unit and its amenities.

What is the last step?

At the bottom of the apartments screen on the models tab you will see the Ad Freshness checkbox and the green Save Changes button (as shown below). Selecting the checkbox and the Save Changes button updates all of the information on the model/unit grid – resetting the 'last updated' date to the current day. 

Note: Properties that are using an electronic data feed to update their listing will not need to do the ad freshness verification.

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