How do I add, update, or hide models and units?

(For multifamily customers)

The Apartment section contains the Model/Unit Details which is a breakdown of the property’s beds/baths (model names, if applicable) and unit grids. You can update existing models and units, or you can additional ones anytime.

What can I do on this section?

In this section you can do the following:

  • Per Person Rent (Toggle Button) – Allows you to denote that the rent is per person/bed.
  • Active (Toggle Button) – This button is used to hide or show the model or unit on the property details page. Hidden models/units are displayed at the bottom of the grid when the “Show Hidden Models” checkbox is selected (top-right of the grid). If all models or units are hidden, then the property will not be displayed in the search.
  • Copy (link) - The duplicate icon copies the model/unit that has been added in that row. This is useful for properties that have similar bed/baths (models) because they can enter one model, copy it, and make minor tweaks on the copied version to customize the details to their next model.
  • Edit (link) - Clicking on the Edit link will display a new modal with all the fields for the Bed/Bath Details. 

What if I see an error message in red?

If there's an error on a given model/unit line, the row will be highlighted in red and a red triangle will appear. For example, in the screenshot below, the number of beds for each row is blank. Once you put the correct information in you'll be able to save and move onto the next section.

What happens when I click on the Models tab?

You'll notice 2 tabs under the amenities heading: and Apartment Finder. 

These tabs allow you to view the amenity descriptions that are unique between the brands. While the descriptions are unique, the selection of the amenity will span across the network. For example, if “Air Conditioning” is checked on, “A/C” is also checked on the Apartment Finder tab.

Scroll down on the Bed/Bath Details page to add custom amenities. Custom Amenities allow for unlimited terms and descriptions. 

  • Custom fields are included in the keyword searches by renters.
  • Unit and model amenities will be displayed on the profile page of the listing.
  • Enter the amenities for each model. The system will assess the amenities

    entered and prevents duplicates from appearing on

What happens when I click on the Units tab?

On the Apartments tab, click on the “Units” tab to view and/or edit unit availability. 

Just like on the Models section, you can take toggle whether it's per person/bd, toggle whether the unit is active or not active, copy the units, and edit the unit.

Click on the edit icon to add details and amenity information about each unit. Same rules apply for the amenities at the unit level. 

What's the last step?

At the bottom of the Apartments tab is the “Verify Model/Unit Details” checkbox and Save button. As it states in the application, checking the box and clicking“Save” updates all the information in the model/unit grid – resetting the last updated date for pricing to the current day. 

Note: Properties that are using a feed to update will not need to select this.

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