How to add and edit photos, floorplans, and videos

(For multifamily customers)

The Media section utilizes a main photo gallery and photo albums. If the property has different photos on and Apartment Finder, each brand will have its own set of albums. 

Note: There is no “Save” or “Undo” button in this tab. As you make updates, the changes will happen in real time. If you delete a photo from the library, you will have to upload it again.The Media section also contains the video embed codes for branded videos (not Apartment Finder videos). 

Photo Library

The Photo Library contains all photos/floorplans associated with a property listing and acts as a "photo/floorplan bank".

  • The photo library is opened by default and displays the total number of photos associated with the property – shot by our Field Research staff or as a part of what you have provided – and is shared between and
  • New photos/floorplans can be added to the Main Library using the blue “Upload” buttons.
  • Uploading the photos/floorplans to the Main Library does not automatically put them on the property ad. Photo/floorplans need to be moved into an album to be displayed online
  • The Photo Library is the only place where you will see the “Are you sure?” question box upon deletion of image(s).

Highlighted below are the main areas you will interact with in the Media section:

Beneath the photo count in the Photo Library is a checkbox to show "Photos not in albums". These are photos/floorplans that don't appear on the ad i.e. not in an album. These "orphaned" images could be the result of new images uploaded to the Photo Library or from images that were deleted from an album.

Images can be enlarged using the "magnifying glass" in the upper right corner of the image. If you'd like to permanently delete an image, you can delete it from the library by clicking on the "X" icon. If you don't want to display the image on the ad, but still want to keep the image in the Photo Library, then you can just delete the image from the album.

Clicking on the "pencil" icon on the image opens the edit modal where you can crop, rotate, or zoom in/out.

Feed Photos 

Photos and floorplans that come in on a feed have a "Feed" icon at the bottom left. Also, at the top right of the photo section, a feed "lock" will appear noting that the property has images coming in on a feed.

Feed images cannot be deleted from the Photo Library or the Albums. You will not be able to drag and drop feed images from the photo library into other albums.

If you'd like to exclude certain feed images from appearing on the listing, please work with your feed provider to exclude them from the feed file.

If copyrighted images are identified on your listing, they will be removed, and feed photo settings will be disabled (photos will no longer update through the feed) until the copyrighted images are removed from the feed file. Once we confirm they are no longer present in the feed, we can re-enable the feed photo setting and photos will continue to update accordingly.

Photo Albums 

The photo albums contain the photos and floorplans that appear on the property ad. All the albums created for a property to the right of the Photo Library. You can toggle through the album carousel or open the full list of albums by clicking on the "View all Albums" button near the top right. Clicking on the "View All Albums" button will open the Albums panel.

From here, you can review the existing albums.

Create New Album (Model/Unit) 

New albums can only be created for existing models & units. To add an album, click on the "Add an Album" button on the top right.

You can add multiple albums at a time. Scroll through the list and check any models/units that you'd like to create an album for. Once you've made your selection, click "Add Selected" and they will appear on the Album carousel. You can then start adding images to the newly created albums(s).

The Community album contains the main photo displayed on the property ad in the search results page and on the profile page. It also shows the photos in the order they appear on the ad. All properties have a Community album prepopulated with photos. 

To change the main property photo, simply drag and drop the desired photo into the first spot in the Community album. This image is also labeled "Main Photo" in the upper left corner.

Other images can be sorted by simply dragging and dropping them into the desired location.

In the Media Section, you can perform the following actions:

  • Upload images into the Photo Library.
  • Move images from the Photo Library into an album.
  • Delete images from the Photo Library to permanently remove them from the library, albums, and site.
  • View a larger version of the images
  • Edit to crop, zoom in/out or rotate images.
  • Choose a Main Photo in the Community Album.
  • Sort images in any album by using drag and drop.
  • Delete images from the albums.
  • Create a new model/unit album.
  • View the total number of images in the property's photo library or album(s).
  • View feed photos.

Video Embed Codes 

The Video Embed Codes are displayed in the Videos and 3D Tours tab. These codes are only for the branded videos. You can view each snippet of code by clicking on the corresponding buttons:

  • Video Inline – Will play the property video inline on an existing HTML page.
  • Video Overlay – Will play the property video in an existing modal HTML page.
  • Video Modal – Will open a modal to play the property video from an existing page. 

Note: This will only show the link to the video, it will not include the Apartment Finder video. 

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