How do I add amenities, like parking, utilities, and languages?

In the Amenities section, it only takes a few clicks to select what your property includes and has to offer:

  • Pet policy selections of “No Pets Allowed” or “Pets Negotiable” are available above the grid. Detailed pet information can be added in detail in the grid on a per pet basis.
  • The “No Parking Available” selection is above the detailed parking grid. Specific parking type selections can be added, updated or removed in the grid. 
  • Included utilities are basic checkboxes to note when the utility is included in the rent. Options include electricity, garbage, gas, heat, sewer, water, cable and air conditioning.
  • Language selection helps your renters understand what languages the leasing consultants speak. 

Tip:If an entry is no longer valid, use the trash can icon to delete it!.

What about Property-level amenities?

Property-level amenities work just like model/unit amenities. There are separate tabs for, Apartment Finder, ForRent and ForRent University to show the different descriptions.

If you select an amenity on the tab, it'll also opt in the amenity on the Apartment Finder tab as well. For example, if “Air Conditioning” is checked,“A/C” is also checked on the Apartment Finder tab.The separate tabs are simply to show the specific verbiage used on the different branded ads. 

Custom Amenities that you add will show on both, you cannot separate these out. 

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