How do I receive payments through's secure online rent payments ensure you get paid on time without the hassle of paper checks. This guide covers exactly how it all works - from inviting your renter to checking on your payments.

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How to receive payments with

It takes just minutes to set up online payments. Before you get started, you’ll need your renter's email address and the details of the checking account where you’d like to accept payments.

1. From your Rental Tools dashboard, visit the Payments section and choose "Set Up Payments". 

2. Select the Property and/or Unit you'd like to collect rent on.

Here, you'll enter details like the lease start and end dates or month-to-month, your renter's name and email, the rent amount and due date, whether you'd like to collect a security deposit or configure a late fee, and the checking account where you'd like to accept payments. 

Tip: If you've set up your renter on Residents already, they'll appear as an option for whom you're setting up payments for.

3. In the last step, click "Confirm and Invite". We'll email your renter(s) and guide them through scheduling payments to you. 

Note: To protect the security of your account, you'll go through a short identity verification process when you invite your first renter to pay through 

What are payments like for renters?

It's easy for renters to set up payments. Your renter will receive an invitation email to pay you through

Renters can pay for free with their checking account (ACH transfer), or with their credit or debit card for a 2.75% fee that they pay.

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If your renters have questions, we're here to help through our Renter Help Center

How to check if your renter is ready to pay

After you've requested payment, check if your renter is ready to pay from the Payers tab of the ledger. Visit Payments from your main menu, and then click the address of the unit you'd like to check. From there, click the Payers tab to see your renter's setup status. 

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How to check the status of a payment

You can check the status of your renter's payment from the Payments page. Visit Payments  under Rental Tools, and then click "All Transactions" on the unit you'd like to review. 

At the top of your page, you'll see the Current Balance due. That number is a running total of what's been paid vs. what's owed in The ledger will show both your charges (request for payment) and your renter's payment. 

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More info

See an example of the invite email we send renters.

You can set up automatic late fees and manually bill your renter for fees. will send your renter an email and guide them through setting up a payment to you.

If your renter pays you outside of, you can record that offline payment to balance the ledger. 

You can update the rent collection dates if a renter renews their lease.

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