What is Online Scheduling?

Online Scheduling connects you with prospective renters by giving them the ability to schedule a tour to your property directly from the lead form on your Apartments.com ad. To activate this feature, you must have a paid package for Apartments.com. 

What are the benefits of activating Online Scheduling?

Online Scheduling delivers high quality leads and reduces the inefficient back-and-forth involved with scheduling a tour. It saves you time on outbound calls and email and allows you to fulfill the renters request immediately. 

What are the two types of Online Scheduling?

There are two options available for online leasing, Request Tour and Book Tour. 

Request Tour sends you an email about the prospects ideal appointment time and contact information for your to confirm or reschedule. 

Book Tour allows the prospect to book a tour immediately, without the need to confirm or reschedule. This feature communicates directly with your CRM systems to show your real-time availability, as if they were using your property's website tools directly. 

How to set up Online Scheduling?

  • To set up the Request Tour feature:
    • Email a request to support@apartments.com including your property name and address.
    • Activation can take up to 24 hours to process this request. 
  • To set up the Book Tour feature:
    • Contact both your Apartments.com sales representative and your CRM account Representative. We are currently able to activate this feature with Knock, Anyone  Home, Hy.ly, and other major CRM systems. Contact onlinescheduling@costar.com for additional questions and concerns. 
    • Complete the Online Tour Scheduling Activation Form from Apartments.com.
    • Activation can take 4-6 weeks. 
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