What's the difference between Edit Listing vs Edit Property?

Once a listing is submitted, besides the address and property type, you should have full control of the ad to personalize it how you see fit. But we want to be sure you’re making edits in the proper place!

How to make edits

To make general edits, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Menu

2. Select Properties & Listings and then Properties

3. When the screen finishes loading, you'll see a list of your properties

4. Select the three green dots on your add and a drop-down menu will appear with a selection of items, including two editing options.

Edit Listing

  • If you wish to make direct updates to the live listing currently published on the website, such as the rent/deposit, images, and property/unit description, you will want to select Edit Listing. Check out this article for visual examples of what this screen will look like.

Edit Property

  • If you want to hide information and images for units that will not be available, select Edit Property from the Properties Screen. This section of the website will give you a chance to review the unit breakdown of the location, as well as Archive units that you want to be hidden from the live website and edit screen.
Tip: Archived units can be reinstated by selecting Show Archived Units and then selecting Unarchive.

Learn more here on the Listings section of our Help Center for more tips on managing your ad.

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