Why was my listing rejected?

There are several reasons a listing can be rejected on Apartments.com.

Below are common scenarios which may explain why your listing was rejected:

  • Roommate listing – Apartments.com does not accept roommate, co-living or house share listings. Additionally, if it's student living, you will have to lease the entire unit rather than by the bedroom. 
  • Invalid Phone/Email – All listings on the website must have a valid phone number or email address. When there is a contact change, we will reach out to verify it; if the new number is disconnected, there's a chance the listing was rejected due to this. 
  • Identifiable Person – Images in listings cannot contain pictures of pets or identifiable people. This includes images of crowds, people at a distance, and selfies. 
  • Watermarks – Watermarks and company logos are not permitted in images unless they're associated with your business. To avoid a rejection due to watermarks, we advise using original images of the location that you own or shot yourself. 
  • Picture of location – All listings on the website must contain at least one image of the rental. This can be an interior or exterior shot of the home. A single image of the location's signage could lead to a rejection, so we advise having at least one picture of the rental. 
  • Sublet – The location is managed and/or owned by a paying client of Apartments.com. If you're the new owner or property management company, you can request access to it by emailing us at Support@apartments.com or by signing up on our website. 
  • Duplicate Listing – An identical advertisement was identified on the website. First check to see if the listing is on a data feed or being managed by another associate, if not, reach out to us for further assistance. 
  • Fair Housing Violation – Language was found in the description that isn't Fair Housing complaint. For helpful guidelines, learn more about the Fair Housing Act and Apartments.com here.
  • Invalid Address – The address of the rental cannot be verified or found on a map. This could occur if the map pin is dropping in the middle of the street, an intersection or a vacant plot of land. 
  • Not a fixed location – All properties added to the website must be grounded, free standing structures. House boats, campers and unsecured miniature homes are examples of rentals not permitted. 
  • Off Market – The listing was reported as being rented. 
  • No Call – The listing was rejected because it couldn't be verified by phone after multiple call attempts. Please give us a call at 844-293-8899 to finalize the listing. 
  • Open Listings – In certain market areas, including Greater New York City, an exclusive agreement must be provided by the agent. 
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