How do I check on the status of a renter's application?

On your Applications dashboard, you can quickly search for an application by either your property name, the applicant's name, or by selecting a status from the Status dropdown box.

Application Statuses

Invited - You've invited a potential renter to apply to your rental. This invitation is valid for 10 days.

Submitted - You've received an application.

Guarantor Requested- You've asked the primary applicant to add a guarantor or co-applicant and resubmit their application.

Conditionally Approve - This status is only available for certain geographic regions in the United States where it is legally required.

Accepted - You've accepted an application for your rental.

Withdrawn - An applicant has withdrawn their application. 

Declined - You've declined an application.

Archived - When you archive an application, the status won't change but it'll be removed from your Applications dashboard view.

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