How do I enable MRI Market Connect Apply Now?

Important: MRI Market Connect Apply Now is only available for gold or above ad package listings.


  • Prospect Connect subscription and a Base URL are required. For more information on obtaining these, contact MRI Market Connect support.
  • An established connection between your listing information on MRI Market Connect and is required. For more information on connecting your listing, refer to our article: How do I connect my listing to using MRI Market Connect?

Enabling MRI Market Connect Apply Now

  1. Navigate to your PMX setup.
  2. Locate your Base URL and the URL you are currently syndicating to
  3. Contact, include both URLs and request enabling the Apply Now feature.

The Feeds team will respond to your request with 24 to 48 hours and forward the email to the Data Partnerships team to integrate.

After receiving your request, the Data Partnerships team builds out the unit URL's floorplan/model as requested and sends you a confirmation email after the task is complete.

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