How do I connect my listing to using MRI Market Connect?

Connecting your listing refers to the process of syndication. Syndication is another way of describing the communication of listing information between a third-party service and The following steps provide instructions for enabling the syndication of a property using MRI Market Connect.

Connect Your Listing Using MRI Market Connect

  1. Log in to Market Connect and navigate to ILS Selection.

  1. Select the red X next to A popup appears.

Note: If the box is greyed out, contact MRI Market Connect support. This is due to the property‚Äôs prior inclusion on the ILS being deactivated by the new ILS.

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the popup and select Save.
  2. Input the reference ID in the box next to the newly selected ILS. This number should be given to you by the ILS. If you do not know this number, contact the ILS in question or MRI Market Connect support.    
  3. Select the blue checkmark after you enter the ILS ID.

  1. Your listing information is sent to for verification. This process takes 24 to 72 hours to complete, after which your listing successfully connects. If you do not see your listing after this period, contact MRI Market Connect support.

Setting Up a New ILS Using MRI Market Connect

The following steps provide instructions for adding a new Internet Listing Site (ILS) or Leadsource to MRI Market Connect (VaultWare).


You must identify the following FTP server information from the ILS you wish to add:

  • FTP Server Name
  • FTP Login (Username)
  • FTP Password
  • MITS path type (1.5, 2.0, or both)
  • Passive or Non-passive FTP type
  • FTP Port

Adding a New Leadsource

  1. Navigate to the VaultWare portal and log into your account. The Monitor page appears.
  2. Select Lead Source Setup and then select Create. The Add/Edit Leadsource page appears.

  3. Enter the FTP server information from the ILS you wish to add.

    Important: The Description field must end in .com.

  4. Select the Export checkbox and then select Save.
  5. Your new Leadsource is created within 24 hours. After the Leadsource is added, an XML file is created in the FTP server directory. 
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