How do I enable price by lease term using MRI Market Connect?

Important: will only display price by lease term and move-in date information on platinum or above ad package listings.


Revenue Management license is required to push unit-level pricing features such as price by lease term and move-in dates from MRI Market Connect to For more information on obtaining a Revenue Management license, contact your MRI Market Connect Sales Representative.

Enabling price by lease term

  1. Navigate to the MyMRI portal and log into your account.
  2. Select Create a Case on the Home page.

The Support Cases page appears.

  1. Select New Case.

A Create a Case pop-up wizard appears.

  1. Select an Account and Account Asset from the dropdowns.
  2. Select Next.

The wizard continues to the next page.

  1. Select a Case Type and an Urgency Level from the dropdowns.
  2. Enter CoStar access to MRI software in the Subject field.
  3. Enter your case details in the Description field:
    1. State that you want to establish the connection between CoStar and your property management company.
    2. Request that is set up as an Interface User and to have access to your property management company database.
    3. Include your MRI client ID and state that gains access to and from the following APIs:
      1. MRI_S-PMRM_RMRents
      2. MRI_S-PMRM_ResidentLeaseTerm
      3. MRI_S-PMRM_ResidentialUnits
    4. Provide the following credentials:
      1. Web Services User ID:
      2. Web Services Password:
      3. Client Database Name:
      4. Client ID:
      5. Partner Name: CoStar:
      6. MRI Version:
      7. API URL:
  4. After entering your case details, select Next.

The wizard continues to the next page.

  1. Enter any additional contact emails and then select Save & Continue.

The wizard continues to the next page.

  1. Upload any documents or images that support your case and then select Next.

Your case is successfully created.

  1. Select Go to New Case to view your case details.

Your case page appears.

After the MRI team reviews and approves your case, price by lease term is enabled, and your information will be syndicated from MRI Market Connect to

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