How do I add concessions to my listing using MRI Market Connect?

The following steps provide instructions for adding concessions to your listings using MRI Market Connect (VaultWare).

Adding concessions to a listing using MRI

  1. Navigate to the VaultWare portal and log into your account.
  2. Select Global Specials on the main page.

The Global Specials page appears.

  1. Enter your concession information:
    1. Select the special type under the Type of Special dropdown.
    2. Enter your concession start date in the State Date field.
    3. Enter your concession end date in the End Date field.
    4. Enter a description that gives prospective renters the full details about the concession you are offering.

Note: Concessions can be specific to your property as a whole or at the unit-level. If you enter multiple property concessions, will only display the concession you entered first.

  1. Verify Full Content is set to On and Send Concession Data to ILS is enabled.
  2. Select the Add button when you are finished entering your concession details.

Your concession information is sent to This process takes 24 to 72 hours to complete, after which your concessions will appear on your listing. If you do not see your concession after this period, contact MRI Market Connect support.

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