How do I edit a Resident?

To err is human, but we can assist when mistakes are made after you've created a Resident. It's important to note that changes can only be made depending on what’s been uploaded to the Resident page (this is due to security and privacy concerns).

If there hasn't been any activity with this Resident (no leases, no payments, no documents), you can: 

  • Edit the Resident’s start date under Lease Terms
  • Update their contact information such as phone and email
  • Cancel the entirety of the Resident

If there has been activity with this Resident (set up payments, created a lease), the options will be limited but you can:

  • Terminate the lease term

editing a resident and options to terminate lease

  • Remove a Resident, but not the original resident you first added

Tip: The option to make edits will be located in the box with three green dots to the right of the Resident's name.

  • Upload additional docs
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