What's the difference between property and unit-level media in Rental Manager?

To give renters a full picture of what you’re offering, there's two locations where you can add photos. And since all pictures will be displayed in the photo viewer, it's key to know where the photos should go to avoid duplication or confusion. Here, we'll detail the purpose of each section so you can give renters a full view of what you’re offering.

To update photos:

1. Go to the Menu and select Properties & Listings and then Properties

2. Click the three green dots on the listing, selecting Edit Listing.

3. The Edit Listing screen will be broken into sections:

Under Unit Info, you can add details for the available unit(s), including pictures for that specified unit. 

→Click "Upload Photos" to attach images that highlight the current unit(s) being offered. Typically, these are interior shots. 

The next section will be General Property Info which is reserved for information about the building and/or community. 

→Images added here commonly reflect exterior shots of the property, amenities, and/or the greater community around the rental.

What does a renter see?

When viewed online, all images will be assembled in the main photo library, but renters can view individual unit photos when they click the unit they're interested in.

Here's the order of images in the photo viewer:

  • Primary photo from the Featured unit
  • Primary photo from the General Property Info
  • Videos (if you purchased a Premium Listing)
  • Unit-level imagery
  • General Property/Community-level images excluding floor plans
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