How do I get a Premium listing on Rental Tools gives you all the equipment needed for screening tenants, creating applications, leases, and even collecting rent online. However, if you're looking to get more exposure and leads, look no further than upgrading your ad to a Premium listing.

Upgrading your listing to Premium will give you: 

  • 4X more search impressions and renter views
  • 20% more high-quality leads
  • Visibility on 5 websites across the Network
  • A bigger, more prominent ad
  • Ability to load up to six videos (1GB)

Pricing for Premium varies depending on your state and market. You will be prompted with this market-specific pricing when you access the Premium upgrade screen. To enable Premium:

  1. Navigate to your account page.
  2. Select Properties & Listings and then Properties.
  3. Select the Go Premium button on the listing of your choice.

A Premium listing and its features last for 30 days, starting on the date it was purchased.

For properties with less than 5 units

Upgrading to Premium can be done again after it expires. 

For properties with 5-39 units

Upgrading to Premium can only be done once. We offer a variety of flexible packages to meet the needs of owners and managers of properties like yours. To start advertising your listings, please call: (877) 531-3821.

Please contact if you have any further questions about activating Premium. 

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