How do I get a Premium listing on

For properties with less than 5 units

The Rental Tool gives you all the equipment needed for screening tenants, creating applications and leases, and even collecting rent online. But, if you're looking to get more exposure and leads, look no further than upgrading your ad to a Premium listing. 

Upgrading a listing on to Premium will give you:

  • Up to 10x more exposure
  • Higher placement in search results
  • A bigger, more prominent ad
  • 30 days of higher visibility
  • Ability to load up to six videos (1GB)
  • Listing will appear on's affiliate websites

A listing will come with Premium features for 30 days starting on the date it's activated, and during this time, you do not need to worry about refreshing the listing to keep it online or placed higher in the search results. 

Pricing for Premium varies depending on your state and market, and you will be prompted with the price when the feature is activated. To turn on Premium, simply go to the Menu, select Properties & Listings, then Properties and there will be the option to upgrade to Premium on the listing of your choosing. 

Please reach out to if you have any further questions about getting the feature activated. 

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