Former Westside Rental client? This guide's for you

Westside Rentals is a helpful resource if you're looking for a new place to live or a new place to advertise a long-term rental in Southern California. 

As part of the Network, Westside Rentals has received an influx of new listings and new features for apartment hunters and those seeking new renters! 

Here are some changes Westside Rental clients should be aware of as the site may look and feel a bit different since the merge:

  • Listings now have to originate on To post a new listing, it must be done from, as the option to post directly on WSR is no longer available. This listing will automatically display on Westside Rentals once it's completed and published. 

Tip: Learn more here on how to Add a Property on

  • If you had a WSR account, we probably still have it on record - When both websites merged, accounts from WSR were moved over to Since all account and listing activity has to occur on, use the email and password you had with WSR to sign-in on After you're signed in, you can post a new listing or manage an existing one.
  • Where are my existing WSR listings located - Old listings with WSR should have transferred over to your account (any listings that didn't transfer will need to be resubmitted). To find the listing(s), first Sign-In on, and then go to the Menu, select Properties & Listings and then Properties

  • Additional services and features - When a listing is published, it will automatically syndicate from to Westside Rentals in 24-72 hours. Additionally, as a landlord, you will have access to the suite of Rental Tools offered by our network of websites, including renter screening, lease creation and online rent collection capabilities. These are no cost to you as the owner/property manager. 
  • Unit count errors - If your listing is rejected or if you receive an error message about the unit count, you will have to request access to the community listing by emailing the support team
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