How do I give my renter a credit?

Want to give your renter a discount this month? Or reimburse them for a repair or bill? Give them a Credit in 

Credits work like coupons, allowing your renter to apply them towards their upcoming payment.

Note: Credits don't send money back to your renter, so if you want to do that, you'll need to pay them outside of 

To Add a Credit:

You can add a credit from the rental's Payment page: 

1. From  Payments, click View Transactions on the unit you're adding the credit. 

2. Click  Add a Credit and enter:

  • a memo
  • the amount
  • the date you want the credit to apply to your ledger (note: the credit will appear on the ledger immediately, but the Current Balance won't be affected until this date.)

3. Click Add Credit will send your renter an email letting them know they have a credit to use. Your renter can apply the credit to their next payment by following the steps listed here: How to apply your credit.

Note: If you add a credit to your ledger in, this doesn't automatically adjust any of your renter's pre-scheduled payments. That means that in order to apply a credit, your renters will need to adjust their upcoming payment.

FAQs about credits

I added a credit, but the rent collection has ended and my renter is no longer making payments. How will they get this?

If your renter won't be making any future payments to you through, instead of adding a Credit, you'll need to contact your renter to arrange a way to refund them directly. 

My renter's payment is currently In-Progress, and they weren't able to apply the credit to that payment before it started processing.

Once it starts processing and shows as 'In-Progress', it's not possible to make changes or stop it, so your renter will only be able to apply the credit towards a future payment. A renter can only make changes to or delete a payment as long as it's showing as 'Scheduled' on the ledger.

How do I delete or edit a Credit?

You can make changes to a credit, or delete it from the ledger by clicking on the payment line that says 'Credit' to expand it, then click 'Edit' or 'Delete'.

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