Why is the Current Balance off?

Are you looking at the Current Balance and something just doesn't add up?

Here are some scenarios that could explain why the balance looks off and some tips on how to get it back in order!

What's the Current Balance?

On Apartments.com, the Current Balance is the running total of what’s been paid and what’s owed. When a renter owes money, you'll see a positive balance. If the renter has overpaid, paid early, or have a credit, you’ll see a negative balance.

To make the Current Balance $0.00, the total payment amounts must match the bill amounts.

My renter paid but the balance is showing that money is still due. Why?

A positive balance indicates that the payment total doesn't match the bill total. 

The first step is to check the ledger and count the number of bills and payments and compare them. 

Found an extra bill? Bingo! That'd explain why the balance is off. To fix this, you'll want to delete that extra bill or add an offline payment.

Let's say you found an extra bill but don't want to delete it because the renter's paid you outside of Apartments.com. No problem- you'll just need to add an offline payment.

The Current Balance shows a credit but that's not right. What happened?

A negative balance indicates that there are more payments on the ledger than there are bills.

The first step is to see when the negative balance started appearing on the ledger.

If a payment is missing a corresponding bill, you'll simply want to add a bill.

Note: The renter will be notified by email when you add a bill so you might want to reach out to them directly and let them know you're adding it to balance the ledger.

How do I re-set the balance to zero?

Payments that have been sent on Apartments.com cannot be deleted from the ledger– sorry about that! 

The best way to fix a ledger is to count how many bills there are vs. payments. If there are more bills than payments, you'll want to either delete a bill or add an offline payment. If there are more payments than bills, you'll want to add a bill.

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