How do I automate occupancy reporting using RealPage?

Accessing Report Scheduler

  1. Navigate to the RealPage portal and log in to your account.

The RealPage Unified Platform dashboard opens.

  1. Select the Business Intelligence placard.

The Business Intelligence dashboard opens.

  1. Select the Report Scheduler tab in the dashboard menu.

The Report Scheduler page opens.

  1. Select the Schedules tab.

  1. Select the Create a new schedule button.

A scheduling wizard opens.

Creating a new schedule

Selecting and configuring a report

  1. Select the Scorecard Report dropdown and then select KPI Scorecard Report_Tags.

  1. Enter a name for your schedule in the Schedule Name field.

  1. Select the Select Properties ... button under the Property Name section.

The Property Picker opens.

  1. Select and enable the checkbox by the properties you want to automate occupancy reporting for.

  1. Select Apply when you are finished selecting properties.

The Property Picker closes.

  1. Select the Select Tags button.

The Select Tags window opens.

  1. Verify that the following tags are selected and enabled:
    1. Address
    2. County Name
    3. External Property ID
    4. Property Class in Market
    5. Property Class in Submarket
    6. Property Date
    7. Property Name
    8. Property Size
    9. State
    10. Total Units
    11. Zip Code
  2. Select Apply at the bottom of the window when you are finished selecting your tags.

The Select Tags window closes.

  1. Verify that the Total Units and Occupancy checkboxes under the Operational section are enabled.

  1. Navigate to the Choose Report Format section at the bottom of the scheduling wizard and verify that the EXCEL checkbox is enabled.

  1. Select Next.

The wizard continues to the Frequency and Recipients page.

Configuring report frequency and recipients

  1. Select how often you would prefer reports to be delivered.

  1. Select a reporting start date and end date.

  1. Locate the Recipients section and select Send report as direct download link - anyone with link may access the report.
  2. Enter the emails of report recipients.
  3. Select Next.

The wizard continues to a confirmation page.

  1. Review your configurations and select Save Schedule at the bottom of the window when you are done.

Your report is saved and scheduled.

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