How do I connect my listing to using RealPage LeaseStar/Marketing Center?


Connecting your listing refers to the process of syndication. Syndication is another way of describing the communication of listing information between a third-party service and The following steps provide instructions for enabling property syndication using RealPage LeaseStar/Marketing Center.


  • A LeaseStar Syndication subscription is required to syndicate listing to
  • You must set up lead attribution using RealPage ILM Lead Manager before you can syndicate your listing to For more information on the setup process, refer to our article: How do I set up lead attribution using RealPage ILM?

Connecting Your Listing Using RealPage

Important: Clients can access RealPage online help at any time from any page within the Marketing Center.

  1. Navigate to RealPage and log in to your account.

The Unified Platform homepage appears.

  1. Select the Marketing Center placard. 

Important: If the Marketing Center placard is missing, contact RealPage support for further assistance.

The My Properties page appears.

  1. Select the property you want to connect to

The Marketing Dashboard appears.

  1. Select the Listing Services dropdown on the left navigation and then select 3rd Party ILSs.

  1. Select Add Channel.

A Manage Syndication pop-up appears.

  1. Select the Enable checkbox on the row and then select Save.

The Network channel is added, and your listing information is sent to for verification. This process takes 24 to 48 hours to complete, after which your listing successfully connects. Select the red X icon on the channel row to stop syndication at any time.

Important: If this process is unsuccessful, will request your Property Key ID Number to finalize the syndication opt-in process. This number can be found on the Listing Services page.

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