How do I enable Entrata Apply Now?

Important: Entrata Apply Now is only available for gold or above ad package listings using the Entrata Multifamily ILS Feed.


  1. Create and set up a ProspectPortal website.
  2. Set up an application to use on the website you create.

Note: For more information on creating a ProspectPortal website and setting up an application, contact Entrata support.

Enabling Entrata Apply Now

  1. Navigate to Entrata and log into your account.

The Entrata Dashboard appears.

  1. Select the Setup dropdown in the top navigation and then select Properties.

3. Search for and select the property where you want to enable Entrata Apply Now.

The property page appears.

  1. Select the Marketing tab and then the Marketing Hub tab.

  1. Navigate to the URL Setup table and locate the Property website and Check Availability & Apply Now Domain rows.

  1. Ensure the Current Values for both rows are set to Prospect Portal, and the website you created is selected from the dropdown.

Your information is sent to for verification.

  1. Send an email request to to finish enabling the Apply Now feature.

After receiving your request, Apply Now is enabled within 24 to 48 hours. Once enabled, your listings are updated with external application links that direct to your property website or leasing portal. 

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