How do I add concessions to my listing using Entrata?

Important: Your listings must be connected to before you can add concessions using Entrata. For more information on connecting your listings, refer to our article: How do I connect my listing to using Entrata?

  1. Navigate to Entrata and log into your account.

The Entrata Dashboard appears.

  1. Select the Setup dropdown in the top navigation and then select Properties.

3. Navigate to and select the property where you want to add a concession.

The property page appears.

  1. Select the Pricing tab and then the Specials button.

  1. Select the Add Special button.

An Edit Special pop-up appears.

  1. Enter your concession details.
    1. Enter a Special Name.
    2. Enter a Marketing Description.
    3. Verify the Active and Web Visible toggles are set to Yes. Set Always Active to No if you want to set a date range for the concession.
    4. Select Next after you have finished entering your concession details.

The Edit Special pop-up progresses to the next section.

  1. Select your recipient information.
    1. Verify the Prospects checkbox is enabled.
    2. Select which lease terms your concession is applicable to.
    3. Select to whom the concession is available to.
    4. Optionally limit the special to a specific move-in date range.
    5. Select Next after you have finished selecting your recipient information.

The Edit Special pop-up progresses to the next section.

  1. Review your incentive information.

Important: The Entrata team will manually adjust a renter's ledger if a concession trigger occurs. There is no need to adjust the values in this section.

  1. Select Save.

Entrata immediately sends your concession information to for verification. takes 24 to 48 hours to verify this information, after which your concessions are successfully syndicated.

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