How do I upload unit-level media using Entrata?

Uploading unit-level media

  1. Navigate to Entrata and log in to your account.

The Entrata dashboard appears.

  1. Select the Setup dropdown in the top navigation and then select Properties.

  1. Navigate to and select the property where you want to upload media.

The property page appears.

  1. Select the Property tab, select Floor Plans & Units, and then select Units.

The Units page appears.

  1. Navigate to and select the Add Image or Add Video buttons under the Unit Images or Unit Videos sections, respectively. Select Add 360 Tour under the Unit 360 Tours section to upload a virtual tour of your unit.

  1. Select and upload your media.

If your listing is already connected to, any uploaded media will appear on within 24 to 48 hours.

Note: For more information on connecting your listing to using Entrata, refer to our Help Center.

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