How do I set up or edit a recurring bill other than the monthly rent bill?

In addition to the monthly recurring rent bill, you can also add other recurring bills for things like pet rent or set utility bills.

To add a monthly recurring fee, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Payments page
  2. Select 'View All Transactions' under the unit that you'd like to change
  3. Click on the Settings tab
  4. Click “Edit” next to "Monthly Rent & Fees"
  5. Under 'Other Monthly Fees', click 'Add Monthly Fee'
  6. Enter the amount and due date and click 'Continue' to save changes

Any additional recurring bills that you've added will be factored into the total monthly bill amount that's shown on the ledger. You can click on the 'Monthly Rent & Fees' bill on the ledger to expand it and see the itemized bills.

If you're looking to just add a one time bill instead, here's how to do that.

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