How do I use Rental Tools without listing on

Do you need our suite of Rental Tools but don't need to advertise a rental? Are you looking for a new way to create a lease or collect rent online? offers a suite of easy to use Rental Tools that are available for property owners and managers which includes credit and background check reporting, lease creation and rental collection tools. All of this will be found online, so you can create a seamless, touch-free environment between you and the renter.  

To use these tools without listing a rental, follow the steps below:

First visit us at (if you already have an account, log into it using Sign In located in the top right corner). 
Next, click   Add a Property  located in the upper-right. If you're on a mobile device, it will be located in the Menu bar, the three lines in the upper-left. 
On the  Add Your Property screen, input the address of the location, selecting a property type that best defines it and then click  Add My Property

If the listing address is recognized, you will be notified that it was successfully registered. Next, click  Manage Properties


On your property, you can get started by selecting Set Up Resident or Set Up Payments or access the Rental Tools section on your left dashboard. 

Tip: Once you add your property, you'll need to wait a few minutes in order for us to update our site and your account. Once our site is updated, you'll be able to access Rental Tools anytime you'd like.

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