What do applications and screening reports look like on Apartments.com?

With Apartments.com, you can get a get a comprehensive look at potential renters in one place.

Your listing will have an " Apply Now" button so renters can apply directly from your listing. You'll quickly get all the information you need to choose the right renter, including income-to-rent ratio, employment status, household info, and rental history.

You can also invite a potential renter to apply directly on your Applications or Properties pages.

→ See an example application

Each credit report includes a breakdown of an applicant’s total reported debt, detailed payment history for credit accounts, and employment and address history.

→ See an example credit report

With online tenant screening, you’ll get criminal and eviction reports from TransUnion® that give you a complete picture of your applicant. 

→ See an example eviction report

TransUnion® searches national databases and county records so you will have all the background information you need in order to feel confident in your decision.

→ See an example criminal report

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