Why should I post application screening criteria?

Why should I post application screening criteria?

You’ve worked hard to get your listing picture perfect and it can feel overwhelming to pin down your expectations for qualified renters. 

Here’s why you should put the time and effort into your screening criteria now:

  • Screening criteria protects you against discrimination claims. If you don’t have written documentation of what you’re looking for in qualified renters, declining applications exposes you to legal risk.
  • Disclosing screening criteria saves you time. Potential applicants must agree that they meet this criteria prior to applying to your rental, which saves you the time and trouble of sifting through unqualified applicants. When reviewing applications, your criteria will also help you quickly make objective decisions on who qualifies to rent your home.
  • Depending on the location of your property, your local laws may require you to disclose this information in your listing, or at some point before potential renters apply to your property. 

What is application screening criteria?

Different housing providers have different qualifying application screening criteria depending on their property, but at its core, this criteria should be objective and specific and shouldn’t be something that relies on your own personal gut feel. Application screening criteria is also where you can disclose anything that would automatically disqualify an applicant.

These criteria must be around a person’s ability to fulfill their lease obligation and cannot be discriminatory against protected classes. Some areas have additional restrictions, but nationally you cannot discriminate against renters based on: race, national origin, religion, color, familial status, sex, or disability as part of the Fair Housing Act

Learn more about the FHA guidelines and Apartments.com here.

When you enable online applications, Apartments.com provides example criteria for rental history, income, credit history, and criminal history that you can edit to fit your needs. 

How will my application screening criteria be shared with renters? 

Application screening criteria will be shared with potential applicants before they begin their application to your property.

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