Why do I need to verify my identity to view applications and reports?

As a recipient of an application and screening reports through Apartments.com, you're required to verify your identity to view the reports that are shared with you.

Applicants share highly personal information when they apply to a rental, like their previous addresses and credit history. It's important to keep their private data safe and protect them from fraud, which is why we require that property managers and owners verify their identity before they view an applicant's sensitive information.

Tip: We partner with TransUnion to verify your identity, and you'll only go through this step the first time you view an application. .

We don't store or save any of the information or data used to verify your identity — it's used for this verification process only. Once you successfully verify your identity, you'll be able to view your applicant's online application and reports!

Having trouble verifying your identity? See our tips for verifying your identity with TransUnion.

Note: You may also be required to verify your identity when adding a new listing or if you'd like to collect online rent payments on Apartments.com. This is a one-time verification.

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