What are some workarounds for common issues?

In an ideal world, technology always works, but as we know, this isn't always the case! If you run into an issue on Apartments.com, here are some workarounds to consider.

I can't save my listing or the page won't load.

  • Be sure you're using an internet browser optimized for Apartments.com, and that you're updating it to the latest version. If you're already using a browser optimized for the website, clearing the cache and cookies will get you pass any errors or prompts saying the listing couldn't be saved.
  • Switch it up! Try adding the listing from a different browser or device. 
  • Getting an error message about connectivity? Check your internet connection or WiFi signal strength on the device that you're using.
  • When adding a listing, avoid leaving the page unattended for a long duration of time. If you leave that web page sitting for too long, it'll eventfully time out, not allowing you to publish the listing. 

I can't add my listing.

  • Double-check the address in Google, especially if it's a new construction. Apartments.com uses Google Maps for the pin on the map, so if your address is unmapped, you'll be unable to manually add it to Apartments.com.
Note: Contact Google Maps directly and request they update their systems to include your address.
  • Review the unit count for medium to larger size apartment communities. Locations with 5+ units cannot be manually added to the website (email support@apartments.com for Admin access to the location in question).

I can't log on because of the verification code.

  • To keep our site safe, you'll receive an email or a text message when accessing parts of the website that require a verification code. If you are not receiving the email code, check your Junk or Spam folder. Also check the filter settings on your email to be certain the emails are not being flagged by your email provider.

Need more help?

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