Updates to Your Apartments.com Application Dashboard

Your applications dashboard has been updated! After you log in to your account on Apartments.com and navigate to your applications dashboard, you'll find these changes: 

  • All applications are now sorted by the date received rather than by property and will show up on one page, making it easier for you to view all of your applications at once
  • If you need to view applications for a certain property, you can use the property search bar
  • If you want to filter your view to only see certain application types, use the dropdown option
  • You can now access archived applications by using the "Archived" tab at the top of the screen. When you're done, click back to the "Active" tab to view your current applications
  • Application requests have moved! They can now be found in the applications dashboard with the rest of your applications. In the "Actions" menu for each application request, you can directly invite the user to fill out an application
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