Shouldn't my rental income be filed on a 1099-MISC form?

Part of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 was clarifying what exactly needs to be reported through a 1099-K. Regardless of the type of income, a 1099-K is the appropriate form if you are utilizing a third-party settlement organization like to receive your payments and income. Per the IRS directly: 

You will receive this form because you have either (a) accepted payment cards for payments, or (b) received payments through a third-party network that exceeded $600 in gross total reportable transactions for the calendar year. Merchant acquirers and third-party settlement organizations, as payment settlement entities (PSEs), must report the proceeds of payment card and third-party network transactions made to you on Form 1099-K under Internal Revenue Code section 6050W.

You can find more details about 1099-K on the IRS website at

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