How do I edit my account owner information?

Accessing your account owner information

  1. Navigate to and log into your account.
  2. Select the Menu dropdown in the top navigation, select Account, and then select Banks & Cards.

The Banks & Cards page appears.

  1. Select the bank account you want to edit.

The bank account page appears.

Editing the address

  1. For accounts owned by a business, select Edit Business Address.
    • For accounts owned by an individual, select Edit Current Address.

An address section appears.

  1. Enter your new mailing address information and select Update Business Address or Update Current Address to save changes.

Updating ownership information

  1. Select Change.
  2. An update ownership information section appears.

  1. Select an existing owner from the dropdown or select the Or, add a new owner button.
  2. Select Save to save changes.

Note: For more information on editing your account owner information, contact

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