How to turn on Apply Now on

In order for prospective renters to apply to your rental property, you will need to enable applications on your listing. You can enable this feature in one of two ways: 

  1. During the Create a Listing flow.

Ensure that the Enable Applications checkbox is enabled under the Applications & Screening section in the Create a Listing flow. The listing you create in this flow must be published in order for both your listing and the Apply button to appear on

  1. From the Rental Manager Properties Dashboard.

You can enable applications at any time from your Properties Dashboard, as shown below. If your Accept Applications status is set to On, then prospective renters will be able to select Apply Now on your property listing on

What are the benefits of turning on Apply Now?

Enabling Applications is the most efficient way to get your property rented. Renters with an account can pay $29.00 + tax to apply and run their TransUnion™ credit, criminal, and eviction reports. The application is reusable, so renters can share it with other participating rentals on and apply to up to 10 different listings within 30 days.

Accepting applications allows you to get the most out of our full suite of rental management tools, including full credit, criminal, and eviction reports. Easily enable applications to start receiving prospective renters today!

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