Why can't I see my Renter's Application?

Whenever a renter applies to your property, you will get an email notification indicating that you can view their background information online at Apartments.com. And if you go to view it and run into an issue, that can be quite stressful.

Well, no worries, because we have some common workarounds that will help you see the renter’s consumer report if they’re available:

  • Clear Cache and Cookies – When you clear the cookies and cache, it improves the load time of any website and removes information tied to an older version of that site. This is also a helpful way to view applications if you get a blank screen or a constant loading icon.

Tip: Options to clear this information can be found on the settings of any web browser.

  • Switch the browser – This may sound simple but switching the browser commonly helps. The optimal browsers to use when on Apartments.com are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, with Internet Explorer being a secondary option.
  • Browse in Incognito/Private Mode – Navigating the internet in Incognito/Private mode will protect your privacy, and it has a similar effect as clearing the cache for common issues viewing the application. You will see the option to do so on the settings on all web browsers.
  • Try a different Device – As long as the device has internet access, you can view applications on Apartments.com. Trying to view the application from a different device is a quick workaround for common issues. Viewing it on a desktop/laptop computer is normally the easier approach.
  • Check if all Co-Applicants or Guarantors have completed their applications. Another reason why a completed application is not visible is because the renter has an outstanding Co-Applicant or Guarantor who hasn’t completed this portion of the application. Until all parties are finished, background information will not be available.

Please feel free to check out the other articles in our handy Help Center if you have any further questions. 

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