How do I renew a lease on

As you near the end of your lease term, you will be presented with next steps. These options include renewing your lease term, editing the existing dates, or switching to a month-to-month lease. If you choose to renew your lease, you will be able to create a lease renewal document or create a brand-new lease. 

To begin, sign into your account and go to the left navigation bar. Under Rental Tools, select Residents. Click View Details for the resident you are renewing a lease with. 

In the top right of the screen will be the option to Edit lease term. Select this, and on the drop down, select the first option, Renew lease term

Next, you will be able to update the renewal length or add a custom end date to the lease term, as well as update the cost of rent and the day it's due, if necessary. 

Once you select Continue, you will be prompted to choose between a lease renewal document or a new lease document. 

Your lease renewal document will look like the sample below: 

After you select one of the three choices shown above, your lease term will be successfully renewed, and you can return to the resident details page. 

After the lease has been renewed, you will see the Lease Renewal Banner on your resident details page until 14 days prior to the lease renewal date. After that period of time, the banner will no longer appear, and the lease will be renewed. Your lease term dates will be extended to reflect the renewal.

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