Why was my listing removed from my account?

A listing can be removed from your account for various reasons:

  • Your corporate office or management team has restricted access to certain individuals
  • Your contact information has changed
  • There has been a change in management at your property
  • Your contract has been amended
  • Your promotion has expired
  • Your property has sold
  • We've updated our website

Don't worry! If you've lost access to your ad, it's usually still online generating leads for your property. 

How do I add a listing to my account?

If you've noticed that you no longer have access to edit your listings, or if you need access to edit additional listing, we can help! To have a listing added to your account, send us an email to support@apartments.com with the following details:

Email Subject: Ad Manager Access


  • Your first and last name
  • The email address you use to log in with on Apartments.com
  • The property name and address for the listing(s) you need access to
  • Your company's name and address

Most account issues can be resolved within 4-8 hours of sending an email. After emailing us, you'll receive an automated email with your case number which can be used to check the status of your request when you're outside this time window.

Note: If you haven't received an email confirmation back from us, there's a good chance we haven't received your original email. Try re-sending it!

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