Can I remove a negative review?

It can take up to two days after a review has been submitted for it to go through our review moderation process, which audits the review for words or content that violate our Terms of Service. Because this process takes place before any review is posted to your listing, we are confident that the resulting approved reviews meet our guidelines and are appropriate for a public forum. 

This process does not guarantee that all reviews posted on your ad will be positive, and reviews will not be rejected solely because they are negative. Reviews are an important part of the online shopping experience for renters. They help renters know the ad is legitimate and that real people like themselves live at the property. 

Additional concerns should be directed to your sales representative. For information on our Terms of Service for reviews, please visit

Can I respond to a negative review?

We know that you do your best to make each renter's experience a pleasant one, and often negative reviews are the result a miscommunication or a misunderstanding. For this reason, we give you the ability to comment to all reviews that are posted on your ad.

For negative reviews, we've found that the best comments are those that apologize for the renter's experience, and encourages them to contact the management team to discuss their particular issue further. Comments like these show prospects that you care about their feedback and are dedicated to solving their issues. 

If you have access to the Customer Portal, you can start leaving comments for your reviews today by clicking the menu bar, Properties & Listings, and Reviews.

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