Why is my ad offline?

If you have an ad with the Apartments.com Network that isn't live, the following explanations may be all you need to troubleshoot the issue and start generating leads.

1. Your Ad is Missing Information

A huge reason why renters use Apartments.com is because our ads provide detailed information they can't find anywhere else. There are five key components all advertisements must have to go live:  

  • A property address that can be validated through Google Maps
  • An owner or property management company on file
  • A phone number and email address for prospects to contact the community
  • At least one image of the property
  • At least one active model, consisting of the square footage, bed count, bath count, and price

If you have ad manager access to edit your listing and are missing information from the last two bullet points, you can push your ad live by adding these details in the Customer Portal. If you do not have ad manager access or if your ad isn't live for either of the first three bullet points, you can have these details added by emailing support@apartments.com. 

2. Billing Issues

If you're maximizing your exposure on our network via one of our paid advertisement options and your ad is offline, it may be due to a payment mix-up. To confirm the status of your account or to have any payment concerns addressed, contact our billing department at 888-658-7368 ext. 3. They are available 8:00 AM-5:00 PM EST.  

3. Your Contract or Promotion has Expired 

If you were a part of one of our free promotions or if your contract has expired, your advertisement may no longer be online. If your ad is offline for either of these reasons,  you will need to contact your designated Apartments.com sales representative. If you've spoken to them in the past, you may be able to find their contact information in your inbox by searching our email domain "@costar.com". We can also provide your sale representative's phone number and email over the phone by calling us at 888-658-7368 ext. 2. 

4. Other Technical Issues

We're always looking for ways to improve, so from time-to-time we'll have website updates. While we try our best to ensure these updates are executed flawlessly, unexpected technical issues may arise. If you've addressed all of the issues online and your ad still isn't online, give us a call at 888-658-7368 ext; we'll get it figured out!

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