Why do I need to verify my identity to use Apartments.com?

To keep our site safe, Apartments.com verifies everyone who wants to advertise properties, receive applications, and collect payments. You may be required to go through three levels of verification depending on the services you use. 

Advertising Verification

We verify all owners, property managers, and agents who submit a listing to keep our marketplace safe. If you've posted a listing and it's still Pending, please contact our Customer Support team at (844-293-8899) or email support@apartments.com. 

Screening and Application Verification

Apartments.com partners with TransUnion to provide screening reports and applications. Because applicants share highly personal information when they apply to a rental, we require that property managers and owners additionally verify their identity with TransUnion before they view applications and reports. 

The process takes just a few minutes and is completed online. When you go to view your first application, you'll be asked to enter your personal details and answer a few security questions related to your credit file. 

You can also verify your identity with TransUnion ahead of time from the Application page if you'd like to get a head start. 

Payments Verification

To collect payments, you'll be asked to verify your identity with TransUnion and our payment system. 

1. You'll first be prompted to verify your identity with TransUnion by entering your personal details and answering security questions related to your credit file. (If you've already verified with TransUnion as part of receiving an Apartments.com application and screening report, you won't need to do this step again.) 

2. After you've invited your renter to pay, you'll also be asked to enter a few details about yourself with our payment processor. This helps us keep the Apartments.com community safe and is required by U.S. financial regulations to protect against money laundering. Your information must match public records to allow us to verify your identity.

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