What's a TransUnion ResidentScore?

TransUnion’s ResidentScore credit scoring system helps managers avoid evictions and rental payment delinquencies by predicting how likely an applicant is to pay rent. A ResidentScore is a credit score that ranges from 350-850 and takes into account an applicant’s credit history, emphasizing credit factors that have been statistically tied to an applicant’s ability to pay rent. 

In addition to the ResidentScore, TransUnion provides a detailed review of your applicant’s credit history, just like a regular credit report, with added analysis that includes residential records data.

ResidentScore is formulated based on Payment History, credit utilization, credit history, credit availability, and number of inquiries

Read about how TransUnion performed a statistical analysis to formulate the ResidentScore to make more comprehensive rental decisions here: SmartMove’s ResidentScore: Translating credit histories to rental payment performance.

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