Understanding your Properties Overview Page

Visit your Properties page to see an overview of your ad. You will notice the following sections on each property card.

  • Main Property Photo
  • Ad Package
  • Menu icon 
  • Property name and full address
  • Total number of units
  • Listing Status
  • The date the property was last updated via a property feed, through Customer Portal, or by Support.
  • The last 30 days Ad Performance
    • The lead count total for last 30 days
    • Property views for the last 30 days 
Property card Property menu

Clicking on the Menu icon will display the following options:  

  • Edit Listing
  • Listing Info
  • The total number of consumer reviews on the property (displaying on Apartments.com only)
  • Ad Performance Report – Download link
  • Rent comparables Report – Download link
  • Reputation Management
  • Social Marketing 

Listing Info

Clicking on Listing Info will display the following details: 

  • The ad package
  • Links to profile page of the property on all the websites 
listing highlight listing menu
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