How to access the Customer Portal

The Network Customer Portal allows property managers and designated authorized users to update listing information, respond to consumer reviews, and view ad performance.

In this article, you'll learn how to access the Customer Portal:

Sign Up

Go to to register for the first time. Create an account by following the below steps

  1. Choose Sign Up and Enter your First Name, Last Name & Email Address
  2. Choose a password
  3. Verify your email by entering the one-time passcode sent to your email

Sign In

Go to to sign into your account by entering your username and password. 

Forgot Password

If you do not remember your password, please click on the “Forgot Password” link from the sign in page and enter your email to reset your password.  

Two Factor Authentication

In order to protect your account two factor authentication has been enabled. Once you sign in to your account, you will be challenged to enter a one-time pass code that will be sent to your email.

Remember the device: You will have the option to select “Remember this device”. You will not be challenged for the next 30 days once you pass, if you selected this option.

Request Property Access

  1. Enter the PMC/Owner name, property name and full address of the property. Click “Add Property”. Continuing entering all properties you need to access. When finished entering properties, click “Request Access."
  2. The property access request is sent to the Network Support Team, who will finish your account setup within 1-2 business days. Questions can be directed to with the email subject “Ad Manager Access."

Customer Portal – Welcome 

Once you receive notice your account is active, you can login into the Customer Portal. You will be directed to Listing Management – Properties through -

If you access directly from’s Home Page, you will want to click on the menu icon in the top left-hand corner. Select “Properties” under Property Tools. 

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