How do I set up lead attribution using Knock?

Accessing the Sources page

  1. Navigate to the Knock admin portal and log in to your account.

The Knock Admin dashboard appears.

  1. Select the Sources tab in the Admin dashboard.

The Sources page appears.

Entering tracking and destination information

  1. Select the property where you want to set up lead attribution.

The property section expands, revealing a source table.

  1. Locate the source row.

Important: If is missing from the source table, contact the Knock support team for assistance.

  1. Enter your tracking and lead destination information:
    1. Select the checkbox in the Email column to enable and enter a tracking email.
    2. Select the Add button in the Tracking number column.

      The Tracking wizard begins, and a pop-up appears.

    3. Select your Country code and enter your Area code.

    4. Select Search.

      The Tracking wizard progresses.

    5. Verify your Tracking number, enable call recording, and enter your Prospect & Resident destination phone numbers.

    6. Select Save.

Note: If you have a separate destination number for you residents, select the phone number in the Resident destination column to update that number separately.

Syndicating lead attribution information

  1. Select the dropdown in the row in the Mapping column.
  2. Locate and select

Your lead attribution information is sent to for verification. This process takes 24 to 48 hours to complete, after which your lead attribution information syndicates to

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