How do I upload View From Unit images to my Canada listing?

View From Unit is a feature that allows property managers to upload unit-specific images of the view from the windows or balcony of a unit.

Uploading View From Unit Images

  1. Log in to your account. The Properties page appears by default.
  2. Navigate to the property where you want to upload a View From Unit image and select it. The property edit page appears.
  3. Select the Media tab. The Images page appears, and the Community album is selected by default.
  4. Navigate to a specific unit album and select it. Unit album images appear below the Image Library.
  5. Note: Navigate through your albums by selecting  View All Albums or selecting the arrow buttons to the left and right of the  Albums section.

    Important: You can only upload View From Unit photos in unit-specific albums.
  6. Select Upload View From Unit within the unit album.
  7. Navigate to and upload your image. The image uploads.
  8. Note: The uploaded image appears under unit-level media on your property listing on The View From Unit image only appears under the unit number you’ve uploaded it to.
  9. Select the Add a title section on your uploaded image. Enter a caption that best describes the view from the unit.
  10. Note: For more information on View From Unit images, contact
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